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The Rugged Excite is a 4L dry, commercial back pack vacuum cleaner that can be used in areas...
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The Rugged Impress is a 4L dry, low foot print, commercial back pack vacuum cleaner, designed for cleaners...
Model 15721100 D’Lite Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner D’Lite is a high capacity 5L dry, low footprint, commercial vacuum...
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Bagless Backpack Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

With dynamic power, ergonomic designs, and multi-stage filtration, commercial vacuums from Rugged Industries deliver superior performance for every cleaning application.

Rugged Industries is an Australian-owned and operated company, manufacturing commercial backpack vacuum cleaners for over a decade. Every one of our innovative vacuums is designed, manufactured, and tested in Australia, approved for both commercial and domestic use. Our commitment to local manufacturing has even led Rugged Industries to be licensed by the ‘Australian Made’ campaign.

When you buy a Rugged Industries product, you are investing in the best commercial bagless vacuum cleaners in Australia.

Motor power vs cleaning performance

It’s a common misconception that more powerful motors will provide better cleaning performance. While the motor is responsible for generating suction and airflow, efficient commercial vacuums will use less-powerful motors to ensure long-lasting performance. This makes them perfect for commercial applications.

The higher the motor’s power, the more heat is generated, reducing efficiency, motor life and vacuuming time. Cleaning performance instead relies on a combination of all elements working together. Motor suction creates airflow, and with passive floor tools, the airflow is channelled at the floor tool’s sole creating high-speed air which blasts dust off the floor surface and out of carpet fibre.

With active floor tools, agitation removes dust off the floor surface and from the carpet fibre. The airflow carries the dust to the filters, minimising dust emission for your safety and health.

The intelligent design of the Rugged Industries bagless backpack commercial vacuum cleaners ensures reliable and lasting performance for all our customers.

What is Cyclone Technology?

The patented cyclone technology available in the Rugged Advantage commercial bagless backpack vacuum is responsible for its exceptional filtration and performance from minimized clogging.

As soon as air enters the tank, heavier dust particles and larger materials are centrifugally separated and move towards the walls of the tank. As the heavier and larger materials lose energy, they fall into the dust bin at the bottom of the tank, while air and lighter materials continue towards the vacuum motor. Most lighter materials are further excluded at the mesh filter, while the remaining dust and air continue through to 2 more sets of 9 small cyclone separators which filter finer dust.

Thanks to the 3-stage cyclonic filtration system, the Rugged Advantage collects more dust and helps achieve cleaner floors.

Why are floor tools important?

You need the right tool for any job and vacuuming is no exception. Choosing the ideal floor attachment can help you vacuum faster, provide a deeper clean, or clean under low-profile furniture. Using the right floor tool can improve dust pickup by up to 300% when vacuuming carpet.

A Rugged Industries commercial bagless backpack vacuum comes with a wide selection of floor tools including:

  • Turbo Brush: It is used for pet hair removal and deep cleaning carpet pile. Turbo Brush uses vacuum air to drive a brush roller that agitates the carpet pile. This increases dust/dirt pickup by mechanical action.
  • Mega Gulper Pro Floor Tool: The Mega Gulper has a 30% wider head designed to vacuum more dust and dirt. This higher coverage provides up to 30% faster cleaning than regular low-profile floor tools.
  • EZ2GO Floor Tool: A versatile floor tool with excellent airflow and a wide inlet mouth. Suitable for carpet, hard floors, and picking up bulky materials.
  • Combination Floor Tool: Perfect for quick transitions from soft to hard flooring. Uses a single button to extend or retract brush bristles.
  • Hard Floor Floor Tool: Features synthetic bristle fibres that provide a sweep and brush action while vacuuming. This ensures effective dust pick-up on hard floors.

Inclean Innovation Awards

The Rugged Advantage was the Winner of the 2017 Inclean Innovation Awards, recognised for its exceptional cleaning performance, patented multi-cyclone filtration technology, and reliable functionality.

The Advantage cleans faster and more efficiently, and is driven by a reliable high efficiency motor which reduces downtime and maintenance costs. Discover the Advantage innovation award-winning vacuums at Rugged Industries.

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