Ed Husic at Rugged Industries

It was an honour to host Ed Husic, Shadow Minister for Industry and Innovation. As an iconic member of parliament, his inspection was welcomed with open arms and we provided him with a tour of our Glendenning warehouse and factory.

Mr Husic and his associate visited in March to inspect our work and personally congratulate us on our innovation in the Rugged Industries vacuum cleaner design and engineering.

Australian Pride

We’re proud to be an Australian-born product and strive to uphold our name. As the world’s first commercial bagless cyclone backpack vacuum cleaner, we manufacture locally to ensure efficient quality control and product reliability.

Our Advantage bagless vacuum cleaner won the Inclean Innovation Award in 2017 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and for this design, we have Australian Patents and Innovative Design Patents.

The personal approval from Ed Husic and parliament makes us even more passionate about producing high-quality, Australian-made, efficient vacuum cleaners.

Leading the Charge

We are the first company in the world to incorporate axial cyclone technology swirl blade into a vacuum cleaner. This tech means that our machine is not only easy to clean but also more efficient in cleaning. However, each Advantage boasts other features such as:  

  • Antimicrobial plastic technology - to prevent bacteria growth
  • Antistatic plastics - to reduce dust adhesion
  • EPA10 filtration - to compliment the cyclonic filtration.

In response to COVID 19, we introduced new EPA10 Class filters. These filters, when combined with the cyclonic filtration built into the machine,  provides an efficient clean and dust filtration, equivalent to a KN95 mask - which works out to approximately 63% and 85% filtration efficiency at 0.3 microns. 

Therefore, areas and the air itself can be even cleaner than with previous filters. 

Always a Sustainable Solution

All Rugged Industries products take the environment and sustainability seriously and ensure to measure our impact wherever possible. When we design and manufacture our products, we ensure that -

  • We use recyclable plastic parts to build them
  • 95% of the finished product can be recycled to reduce waste
  • We recycle all discontinued parts, even metal

Design. Manufacture. Service

A visit and personal congratulation from Ed Husic means that our hard work and perseverance doesn’t go unnoticed.

We’ve always believed in our product offerings, which are exceptional, unique design, sustainable and durable manufacturing and most importantly, high-quality service.

Winning the Innovation award was an incredible achievement for us as Australians and engineers. When the pandemic started, we worked out a way to be part of the solution - As Australians, it’s in our nature to constantly do and be better.

And now, a visit from Ed Husic means that we’re on the right track.

For more information on Ed Husic, the Australia Labor party, campaigns and what they stand for, visit their website.

The Real Advantage

We not only deliver exceptional bagless backpack vacuum cleaners but we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Cyclone technology, award-winning design, now officially approved by Ed Husic parliament, we couldn’t be prouder. 

  • Mar 18, 2021
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