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Due to the global COVID pandemic, cleaning and sanitising surfaces is vitally important - now more than ever. We can no longer simply rely on alcohol-based hand sanitiser and personal protective equipment, we have to take it a step up to ensure that we’re COVID clean. 

As of February 2020 the Advantage Bagless vacuum cleaner has been technically upgraded to be more efficient in cleaning and picking up dust and bacteria particles.

What did we Change? 

Traditional, bagged vacuum cleaners will suck up dirt to a point where the bag becomes full. While this can be effective, it’s not hygienic. In addition, the way in which the air filters through the bag, allows dust particles to clog the filter holes from the outside, which can cause odours.

The Advantage bagless vacuum cleaner uses a cyclone filtration technology system that produces 99.94 ± 0.2% efficiency for a broad spectrum of bulk materials and dust - which means that the suction on the unit can pick up a wide variety of dust and micro particles.

Vacuum Cleaner Filter 

We’ve upgraded the Advantage vacuum cleaner filters to a Class E10 / H10 (EPA/HEPA). This type of filter is especially beneficial to protect both people and the environment, thanks to its capability of removing airborne bacteria and other smaller particles that move through low pressure in the air. 

The Advantage vacuum cleaner filter is also coated in Teflon (PTFE), which has several benefits, including -  

  • Easy to clean - reusable and good for the environment, the Teflon allows you to simply rinse the motor filter under water to clean. 
  • Better air flow - the slick surface of the Teflon prevents dust from clogging the holes of the fibres, increasing the filter’s life span. 

In addition, you might be happy to know that these filters have a penetrating particle size of just 0.3μm - which is said to be the size of the Coronavirus particle. At this size, this filter almost reaches the standard of a N95 surgical mask.  

You can buy a new vacuum cleaner filter here. 

Anti-Bacterial Additions

The Advantage bagless vacuum cleaner also provides additional health and hygiene protection. We’ve upgraded our units to have antibacterial agents in the vacuum cleaner hose, attachment heads and internal plastic bin parts. 

In addition, the Duster microfiber cleaner means that your hands don’t need to go near the bin. 

These materials prevent certain bacteria and mould from growing on your machine, while also providing odour control. 

Get Clean 

Strong enough for commercial use and light enough for the home, the Advantage bagless vacuum cleaner makes creating a hygienic space easy. Ensure to always read the manufacturer’s instructions for optimum efficiency.

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  • Sep 10, 2020
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