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Vacuum Cleaner Selection Guide | Rugged Industries

Advantages Of Using Rugged Industries Australian Made Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Rugged Industries Australian-made commercial vacuum cleaners distinguish themselves from other vacuum cleaners by their reliability, robustness, and performance. In product design, the objectives are usually pricing, market, sales, materials, ergonomics, and aesthetics, just to name a few. A product designed for a global market cannot fully meet all the design objectives because people, cleaning practices, product expectations, and serviceability are not the same.

When you buy our Australian-made vacuum cleaners, the designs are customised to suit Australian cleaning standards, OH & S regulations, and electrical safety standards. Our customers can be assured of purchasing quality Australian-made products at competitive pricing, and be confident of continued part supply.

We’ve designed our Australian-made vacuum cleaners to prevent them reaching premature “end of life”, as we understand that not all cleaners would have been given specific product training or maintenance training.

To overcome these deficiencies, we “over-design” vacuum cleaner parts by enhancing strength, and through the superior specification of electrical parts, hoses, rods, and filters. No other vacuum cleaner in the market can surpass the performance or reliability of vacuum cleaners manufactured by Rugged Industries.

To maintain our high standards, we use customer feedback and tracking of spare part purchases to perfect our product and understand how customers.use our products. Local manufacturing enables us to respond quickly to customers and take corrective action or make product changes if and when necessary. With imported vacuum cleaners, customer feedback to the overseas manufacturer or product changes can be quite difficult.

The advantages of using Rugged Industries Commercial Vacuum Cleaners:

To fulfil the needs of our customers, we supply the best commercial vacuum cleaners in Australia, using superior product reliability to minimise expensive equipment downtime.

Due to the high cost of labour in Australia, our Australian-made backpack vacuum cleaners are designed to provide high productivity. Additionally, we also offer wider floor tools such as the 38cm-wide Mega Gulper Floor Tool, which increases productivity by 30% through better coverage.

Our affordable vacuum cleaners go one step further. Built for endurance, our Impress vacuum cleaner uses a long-life motor that extends the motor replacement time by 30%. This is an important consideration for those budgeting spare parts requirements. The Excite vacuum cleaner uses a bypass motor for greater application diversity. It can be used at low airflow and in applications where there is a risk of vacuuming small liquid spills. The lightweight D’Lite vacuum cleaner has a large 5-litre capacity, enabling cleaners to vacuum longer. D’Lite uses encapsulated filtration and is beneficial for those working in the health industry and people with allergies by minimising exposure and disposal of vacuumed dust. The bagless Advantage Turbo vacuum provides deep carpet cleaning and is frugal to run.

Our Australian-made commercial vacuum cleaners for sale embrace much more in their design. We consider health issues when it comes to filtration, OH & S for our users, and environmental responsibility when it comes to product life, recycling, and power consumption.

Why Rugged Industries?

Australians are the number one backpack vacuum cleaner users per capita in the world. Our bespoke commercial vacuum cleaners are designed, engineered, and manufactured by Australians, for Australians. Rugged Industries has over 32 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, with a thorough understanding of the industry’s cleaning standards, employees, and equipment requirements. We are the oldest established backpack vacuum cleaner manufacturer in Australia

Imported overseas designed backpack vacuum cleaners are unlikely to be the best fit for Australian cleaners, because the design tends to omit some important features, due to the difference in Australian work habits and requirements. Australian cleaners, using foreign-made vacuum cleaners, are often compromised when fulfilling their cleaning duties and face difficulty in sourcing spare parts.

Our manufactured products are genuinely Australian-made vacuum cleaners and we are licensed by the Australian Made Campaign, authenticating us as a local manufacturer. Our vacuum cleaners should be your first choice.

To further assist our customers, we provide a product selection guide on our website, so you can make informed decisions when you purchase a vacuum cleaner online. This will ensure that your selection and our products will meet your needs. For the Advantage vacuum cleaner, we provide video instructions on how to use and maintain it, by including a small QR code sticker that the user can scan. We are proactive and creative when it comes to assisting our customers.

Our commercial vacuum cleaners use cutting-edge technology. Advantage is the first commercial bagless backpack vacuum cleaner in the world. We are the first to market with antimicrobial filters. Since Covid 19, HEPA filtration and antimicrobial odour control additives in the vacuum hose became standard across our product range while antimicrobial cloth filter bags became standard on the bagged vacuum range. When you buy from us you buy the best commercial vacuum cleaners in Australia.

Contact us at 0296800052 or visit us at our store in Glendenning, Sydney to learn more about our services. You can email us at if you would like to know more about us!


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One of these measures is to temporarily suspend product demonstrations and customer pickups from our factory / warehouse / offices.

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